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Take Two

December 18th, 2008 | Category: Darkroom,Other Photography

Camera ObscuraThis is my second exposure in the camera obscura. It started around 8:30am and finished around 5:30pm which makes it about a 9 hour exposure. Developed again in Dektol, this negative had a lot more density than the previous 2 hour exposure. The only problem this time is the light area on the left. It was caused by me trying to leave the room without letting in too much light. Other than that I’m happy with the results. If you look closely at the snow on the wall toward the top of the image you’ll see that it all melted during the day. All that’s left is a ghostly visage of the snow that once was.

Tonight I spend about 3 hours in my darkroom making some prints for a guy I work with. They came out well in my opinion but we’ll see what he thinks. It’s fun printing other people’s photographs because they don’t come with the memory of the place and time of the exposure. The print itself is all I know and I don’t project some abstract recollection about the tonality or contrast of the actual scene.

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